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Get certified in Electronic & Electrical Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance!

Demonstrate your professional skills and qualifications for the most in-demand careers or start your own business and be your own boss!

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What will I get?

Learn the latest subjects that are related to real-world applications!


7 modules, 56 lectures with videos
More than 4.5 hours of video content
More than 2.5 hours of practical videos


Our Best Selling Amazon Book (Basics of Electronic Components Book) worth $50
Electronics and Electrical Practical Test worth $200


Certificate of Completion (digital certificate)
Hard copy physical certificates are also available as options!

Distinguish yourself with a verified certificate

Sample of the certificate the student will receive once they complete the course.

Whether you’re starting your career, making a switch or want to elevate your skill-set, a certificate from a trusted program will go a long way in demonstrating you’re qualified for the job. With over 11,000 students trained both online and offline, Empower Right Now Academy certification is recognized as a mark of excellence. Our students have gone onto put their skills to work at top companies including PayPal, Tesla, Google and ExxonMobil.

Many of them also have opened up their own businesses and become successful with the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

The certificate is issued by Empowerment Right Now Academy which is based in Singapore. It is one of the leading online training providers in Asia. 

Singapore is also the region’s powerhouse in education and training. The country has one of the strictest education standards in the world.

Get certified in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Start Learning

Choose the course subscription. There are programming course, digital art and many more to choose from. If you are a fast learner you can subscribe to all courses! It is $19.99 for a specialized course subscription and just $49.99 for all courses!

Step 2: Start Learning

Once you complete a course, the certificate will be made available for you to download. The certificate provided is a digital certificate which you can save to your computer. If you require a physical certificate, we will sent one to your mailing address. A physical certificate will be useful if you want to show it your prospective employer or if you just want to frame it up and put it on your wall!

Step 3: Continue to the next course

Continue to the next course in your subscription and complete them. Learn more as you go along and improve your skills and knowledge. Download your certificates right after you complete the courses. Individual certificates are given for individual courses.

Step 4: Show, Share and Tell

Show your friends and family what you have learnt and share it on your social media. When people know what you can do, more opportunities and doors will be open for you!

Reviews and Testimonials

The preferred choice for students, job-seekers and professionals to learn and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Do I need to have prior qualification or experience to take the courses?

The short answer is no. You do not need to have prior qualification or experience to take the courses. Our courses will provide you with the foundation to start off and increase your ability and capability as you progress.

Will the courses be too easy for me if I am an advanced learner?

Whatever your level, we’ve got you covered. From beginner to advanced.

We have advanced courses in our subscription. You can skip the beginner courses and start straight away with the advanced ones. Do browse the beginner courses first if you have the time. You will learn things you have not come across before. Our experienced students has feedback that our beginner courses have shown them new knowledge, refreshed and reinforced their existing ones.

What can i achieve after completing the course?

The sky is the limit!

This course has been running for more than 8 years. Our graduates have gone to work for companies in the aerospace, oil & gas, renewable energy, utilities, petrochemical, defence, IT industries. They had the opportunity to serve these companies as technicians and engineers. Positions include service technician, electrical engineers, control & instrumentation engineers, maintenance technicians, plant managers among others.

The skills and knowledge they received from our courses have served them well and got them to where they are now.

We are always on the lookout for more success stories from our students. If you want to showcase your achievements as a motivation to other students, do contact us. We have a small gift for you!

What distinguishes an Empowerment Right Now Academy's course?

Curriculum Breadth and Depth

With a focused curriculum of courses, our education will give you broad exposure to the wide range of data science topics, while advanced and specialized courses enable a deep dive into specific topics.

Accessibility and Value

A quality data science education is no longer limited to traditional universities that are usually expensive and restrictive. Our quality courses are open to everyone at affordable prices. You can choose to go through them at your own pace.

Engaging Format

Education should be fun and engaging. Our instructors use captivating videos, images, charts and other materials to explain complex concepts in an easily digestable manner. No matter what your level of expertise is, you will understand them easily.

Expert Instruction

Our courses are taught by subject matter experts with many years of extensive teaching experience. You’ll move forward with confidence, having mastered one topic before advancing to the next. Collectively we have taught more than 11,000 students both online and offline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer all your questions

Certificate of Completion

Yes, every student will get a Certificate of Completion once they have completed the course.

For digital certificates, you can download it immediately after you completed your course. Some courses require you to complete at least 80% of it before you can get the certificate.

Yes, physical certificates are available if you require one.

A physical certificate will be useful if you want to show it your prospective employer or if you just want to frame it up and put it on your wall!

If one is required, you can order it here.

While we don't guarantee that you may get a job with our certificate, we do have students who managed to secure positions in companies with our certificates along with other qualifications that they may have.

We have success stories where we have contributed to the skills and knowledge advancement of our students.

We have an online verification system where you can enter the student's name, course name and date of completion. The system will verify instantly if the certificate is legal.

The certificate is issued by Empowerment Right Now Academy which is based in Singapore. It is one of the leading online training providers in Asia.

Purchases & Refunds

Look at the error message given, you might need to check with your credit card company or bank.

During checkout, there will a field for the coupon. Paste your coupon code or offer code and the discount will be reflected in the final amount.

You can cancel your subscription any time. Just log into your account and under the "Subscription" page, there is a Cancel button. Click on it to confirm and that's it!

Do note that once you cancel the subscription, you will no longer have access to the courses and your certificates.

We do advice you to cancel your subscription nearer to the end date of your subscription so as to fully utilize it.

Account Information

Login to your account and change the account name from there. If you have a restricted account, please contact us for the change.

If you received the email, look at the bottom of the email for the unsubscribe link or you can email us and we will do it for you.

Login to your account and change the account password from there. If you can't, please contact us for the change.

Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to sales@empowerment-rightnow.com.
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

How Do I Sign Up As An Instructor

We are always on the lookout for instructors to offer their courses on our learning platform. Please email us sales@empowerment-rightnow.com and we will send you the details.

Yes, you can! We have an amazing package for all instructors. Our best instructors earn more than 5 figures every month. Contact us to know more.